Tuesday, June 15, 2010

roasted-pork club with scallion mayonnaise, dill pickle spears and quinoa and cucumber salad

Here are three Everyday Food recipes in one meal. Roasted-Pork Club with Scallion Mayonnaise, Dill Pickle Spears & Quinoa and Cucumber Salad.

I made dill pickles! I'm still in shock with how easy it is. I think I'll be making them fresh from now on to cut down on the clutter in the fridge. The pork club has left over pork tenderloin, bacon, scallion mayonnaise and swiss cheese. The recipe calls for alfalfa sprouts, which I love, but I'm not sure they are the safest thing to be eating so I used Boston lettuce we had on hand. The quinoa salad is a perfect summer salad consisting of quinoa, English cucumber, parsley and seasoning. This is a very portable dinner, so we met up at Happy Rolph's last night and had a family picnic outside.

I've decided to make some advances with Owen's feeding. Up until this point he's been eating pureed meats and cereals. But yesterday I ended up at a gal's house who was speaking about Baby Led Weaning. I'm still grasping the idea, but I decided to apply what I learned from the concept to how Owen eats. Basically you are giving the baby handful sized portion of soft food and letting them hand feed themselves. I decided this meal was a great opportunity to give it a shot. Owen had a long slice of cucumber, whole wheat toast stick and slices of avocado. Since everything he plays with goes in his mouth, he knew exactly what to do with them. We saw several bites and a big mess, but it really feels like this is a better way for babies to learn to eat rather than obsessively mashing all their food and feeding them from a spoon. So we'll see if we stick with it. I plan on still offering all meats, vegetables and fruits pureed as an option, but we'll start him out with his milk, then whole pieces of food and finally a spoon-fed puree.

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