Wednesday, December 1, 2010

spicy black bean soup and tuscan bread soup

Last week we had soup - all week. The final two soup recipes from Everyday Food are Spicy Black Bean Soup and Tuscan Bread Soup.
The Spicy Black Bean Soup tastes exactly how I imagined it would. It was quite filling, but I got sick of eating it after half the bowl. I was searching for crackers or buns just for a little variety. We gave some to Owen as well and he didn't seem too fond of it either. Overall we won't be making this one again.
The Tuscan Bread Soup isn't much to look at, but it was a very nice surprise. I was putting this soup off because it didn't appeal to me whatsoever. But being one of the final recipes I had to bite the bullet and make it. It was so delicious because it has a real depth of flavour as well as tasting very homey. It's a very simple soup, but I enjoyed it so much more than chicken noodle soup. Eventually the bread swells up and it becomes more of a stew (especially for next day leftovers). But it was never unappetizing like you would imagine soggy bread being.

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