Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas desserts

What a Christmas!
I think I'm still coming down off a total overindulgence of sweets with whom I can blame no one but myself for.  The reason - my holiday baking. I've gone way overboard in past years but this year I had to strategize quick cookies which work well on Owen's naps. 

Since my mom didn't bake cookies this year I decided to make several of my grandma's holiday recipes for the first time. That includes Christmas Hopscotch, Marble Squares, Butterscotch Squares & Peanut Chews. Then I made MS's Iced Hermits and Ritz Mints.

Several years ago I started my own Christmas tradition of making Tiramisu. I'm now having it requested as part of the holiday dessert table on Christmas Day. My Tirimisu includes 3 different liquors (Dark Rum, Kahlua and Marsala), marscapone cheese and sabayon base. It's one of my favourite desserts that could really only be eaten at Christmas in order to find enough people to eat an entire dish of this rich dessert.

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