Wednesday, August 24, 2011

best beef burgers and beer

This is our go at the Best Beef Burger recipe from Great Food Fast. It is a very simple burger of ground chuck, worcestershire and dijon.
We had this with a side of potato salad. With the rendered bacon fat we fried onions with a little cider vinegar and sugar and topped them on our burgers.

And to put it all over-the-top in indulgence we rounded things out with a glass of beer. We enjoyed Niagara College Teaching Brewery's Chopp Brazilian Lager. This is my favourite of all their brews so far. It's so refreshing for summer drinking. Unfortunately for a limited time because it's one of their current specialty brews.Guess we'll have to give Brahma a second try if were looking for something similar in the future.

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alicia said...

that entire plate looks amazing! the offer to move to PA and be my unpaid personal chef still stands... ;D