Sunday, August 7, 2011

viva montreal!

It's been a long time since Nuno and I went on a trip to a major city. It was pretty much a yearly trend for us to decide on a city and spend our vacation exploring it. We usually visit galleries & museums, walk through neighbourhoods, eating local food, drinking the beers & tour breweries and see our favourite bands play. 
Naturally, now that Owen is in the picture we aren't taking trips for beer tastings or late night shows. But lucky for us those days aren't quite behind us. Because of our amazing network of family and friends we were able to take in the gorgeous city of Montreal over the past half a week. Owen stayed with my parents while we got away to celebrate our anniversary. A couple special things about celebrating in Montreal was our stay at the Embassy Suites and our dinner at celebrity chef, Chuck Hughes' restaurant Garde-Manger. 
Just about the only possible way I'd eat poutine is if it was Lobster Poutine. Our dinner at Garde-Manger was great.
Old Montreal is so romantic! It was so much larger than I had ever imagined. We also lucked out because we had the most perfect weather our entire trip. 
I'm just starting to organize everything while sitting waiting for our delayed flight back to Ontario so I'll hopefully continue blogging about this trip soon. So check back shortly for more trip details!


alicia said...

i've only ever been to montreal once, for my visa interview. in february... and we DROVE THERE. it looks a lot less like my worst nightmare in those pictures... ;D

Erin said...

oh my! That was the one thing that struck me about the city. It's beauty in the summer but I had to wonder how they survive their brutal winters.