Monday, August 29, 2011

peach clafouti

I can tell the end of summer is drawing near because now is my favourite time for Niagara farm stand peaches! They've been in season for a few months, but the early ones are small, less juicy, difficult to peel and cling to the stone. 
These beauties are as delicious as they look. That is why when I had to stay home with a sick Owen last week (another sign of the end of summer) I decided to treat us all to a Peach Clafouti. I'll only bake on at-home sick days if: 1. the ingredients are already in the house and 2. it can be completed in the window of a nap. So this Peach Clafouti fit the bill perfectly.
This clafouti was published in the July/August issue of Everyday Food magazine and I love its simplicity. Even a non-baker could swing this. Like most desserts with peaches, you really have to check it after the suggested baking time is complete. Juicy peaches keep desserts (cakes especially) moist and require longer baking times. This clafouti took twice as long to bake as instructed.
It tastes like eating a vanilla cake batter flavoured custard. One of my favourtie things about baking is licking the beaters and spatula for cookies and cakes (I swear the batter is almost sometimes better then the end result!). If you're the same then this dessert is for you. It's homey and comforting especially for a sick toddler.

On Owen's sick-at-home day he only wanted to colour the 'sun and moon'.
And spend over an hour leisurely playing in the bath. For a kid who loves to get clean in the bath, you wouldn't know it by some of his filthy habits which include licking the soles of his shoes and the floor of Food Basics! As a parent you can only wash their hands so many times before a dirty thumb sneaks into the mouth.

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