Saturday, August 6, 2011

nosferatu creep cake

So far all of the sculpted cakes Nuno and I have been working on are cute animated characters. I think Nuno was up for more of a challenge when he proposed a Nosferatu cake for our friend Leslie's birthday.
For anyone who isn't familiar, Nosferatu is the first Dracula movie ever made. It's silent and black and white.
Seeing the completed cake you would think we went to a fan expo and picked up a sculpture of Nosfeatu, so luckily we snapped some photos of the cake in progress. This is vanilla cake with butter cream icing. We attempted to bake a swirl of cherry syrup into the layers to appear like blood, but that idea didn't really translate as well as we had hoped. But all in all we are really happy with how this cake turned out.

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