Wednesday, February 1, 2012

greek-style mini lamb burgers

We first tried lamb at home while cooking through Everyday Food Fresh Flavour Fast. Since then we've been eating more and more of it. I've also noticed in the past two years it become more and more accessible in the grocery stores. We made these Greek-Style Mini Lamb Burgers from Great Food Fast which is also a recipe for homemade tzatziki.
And they were good, not great. I doubt I'd make them again simply because our ground lamb rendered a shocking amount of fat. The leftover in the pan was about equal to cooking bacon - no kidding. So, if we ever choose ground lamb again I'm thinking we'll just grind it ourselves so we can control the amount of fat that goes into our food. Anyways, I probably would have enjoyed it just as much with falafels in place of the burgers.

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