Friday, February 24, 2012

cereal bars

Anna Olson published 3 small 'candy petit fours' recipes in her book Another Cup of Sugar that looked and sounded so delicious. The Chocolate Banana Slices recipe in particular was just too interesting to pass up. They are actually a cereal bar, but are seriously the tastiest granola bar you can imagine. The bars are a great way of helping to clean out an overflowing baking drawer of almost-empty bags of misc ingredients. For these bars I ended up using a box of President's Choice On Track cereal that we didn't like very much on it's own but tastes PERFECT in these bars. 
I added half a cup of peanut butter chips, but besides that and the cereal I stayed true to the rest of the recipe.
These were perfect for Owen to help bake with me. Here's Owen helping by dumping all the pre-measured scoops of ingredients together in a bowl. Which then went into the food processor for a quick whirl.
After the addition of a syrup of honey, butter and vanilla they get pressed into a parchment lined pan.
And here we are. What an amazing sweet-salty combo they have going on. I love the addition of banana chips in these bars which helps create a totally unique flavour.
I think these could work as a bake sale treat if you eliminate any cereal that includes nuts as well as peanut butter chips. I decided against the final step of white chocolate drizzle because they are great on their own, but for a dessert to share it would make for a beautiful presentation.

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