Thursday, February 23, 2012

coconut-pineapple loaf cake

The cake I baked to eventually become Wheel's bum cake was this Coconut-Pineapple Loaf. I only decided to bake it because the loaf gave us the general shape we were after and I had all the ingredients in the house, so we hit the ground running.
Here is the finished cake. The coconut on top toasts up nicely and it really is a great recipe. A good tip in making this loaf is to drain and squeeze out as much moisture from the pineapple chunks. If I make it again in the future I think I'll give them a rough chop because they seemed a little too large baked into the cake. But the cake is quite moist and dense, which made it perfect for carving. It eventually ended up in a layer of frosting and fondant, which changed the cake completely. It is SO much better without all the icing.

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