Friday, January 20, 2012

beef & orange stirfry

This is Great Food Fast's Beef and Orange Stir-Fry. I looked forward to this dinner all day because this recipe calls for RIBEYE! I had a marbled masterpiece of a meat slab that was 2 inches thick. Once I tackled slicing the steak there was the tedious process of dealing with the oranges. Slicing the peels off the oranges with a paring knife is no fun. While making this dinner, at no point did it indicate to season with salt & pepper. Almost every recipe does so this puzzled me and I ended up seasoning to taste once it was complete.
Here is the finished dinner. Everything was fantastic except the oranges. They started to break down immedietly and weren't very tasty anyways. I don't really eat oranges, and even though all the pith was removed they were still bitter. This would be way, way better with steamed broccoli.

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