Friday, January 13, 2012

winter 2012 playlist

I've put together a second playlist for download.
The Aislers Set – Mission Bells (2003)
Guided By Voices – Don’t Stop Now (1996)
Built To Spill – In The Morning (1996)
Olivia Tremor Control – A New Day (1999)
The Byrds – Lady Friend (1967)
Teenage Fanclub – Discolite (1995)
Essex Green – Cardinal Points (2006)
Butterglory – Edward Brown (1995)
The Acid House Kings – 7 Days (2005)
California Snow Story – Brook Lune (2007)
Jens Lekman – Black Cab (2003)
The Radio Dept. – Where Damage Isn’t Already Done (2004)
Wild Nothing – Chinatown (2010)
Trembling Blue Stars – Idyllwild (2007)
Ride – Sennen (1990)

It can be a challenge to choose songs in compiling a playlist. The way I listen to music is through entire albums which means the songs are more complete, have context and play off each other. When you remove it from its place, many songs can somehow lose something. But on the other hand, some bands sound fantastic right up against each other. Like of how Teenage Fanclub can sit right up against The Byrds and blend nicely. Then there are bands like the Byrds where it's hard to choose just one song because they are a great 'single' band. I don't know how many Byrds songs I removed from this list before deciding on 'Lady Friend'. There is something about David Crosby's voice that gets me. Now I'm music monologuing...

Anyways, if you choose to download you can expect to hear lots of indie jems... Some pop, rock, chamber, swedish & shoegaze. Lots of hooks and harmonies. Hope you all enjoy!

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