Tuesday, July 19, 2011

cottage week in B's

This week is our week at the family cottage. I don't know if I'm reading too many Dr. Seuss books these days, but at the cottage we have 5 of my favourite B's all right outside the doorstep.
A Beach – yes our very own private sandy (to Owen's delight) beach overlooking the lake.
A Boat – no power/muscle/macho boat. A charming tin can that's been around since my dad was a young boy.
A Barbecue – the quintessential flavour of cottage dinners.
More on these grilled vegetable tostadas later.
And, in my eyes, one of the most priceless culinary luxuries - wild Blueberry bushes. Two steps from the cottage door, between the cottage and the beach is an expanse of wild blueberry bushes!
I've mentioned before about wild blueberries, and they are truly one of Ontario's most prized treasures. You can't go to the local garden centre and buy yourself a 'wild' blueberry bush. And, you might be able to transplant a bush, but whether it grows or not – well, that takes years and mother nature to determine. My grandmother told me last year that they started out with a small little bush, but the patch has now overgrown the property to the sandy beach.
Nuno showing Owen how to pick blueberries.
Great beach snack on their own.

We went out in the bush and picked even more. We picked a total of about a quart basket full which go for $15 - $30.
And one last precious B - my Baby. Having Owen up with us and enjoying every minute together is definitely the MOST priceless of all.

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