Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lightning McQueen Cake

Nuno's getting pretty serious about cakes these days. As well he should be because he's getting very good and is super talented. A friend of mine requested a last minute cake of Lightning McQueen from Cars for her nephew's birthday. Once Nuno heard about the challenge of putting a cake together under a tight deadline, he was game. I did a Google and Flickr search on Lightning McQueen cakes and, well, this link will give you a pretty good idea of what most people expect from a McQueen cake.
But this was what Nuno whipped up in 48 hours!
As a huge fan of the movie Cars myself, my favourite McQueen is when he gets a new paint job and tires from the Radiator Springs crew and that was the inspiration for this cake.
Nuno painted the eyes and they were full of life.
Details like the head lights, gas cap and tail pipes were all gum paste and hand painted.
The tires were moulded chocolate with black white fondant.
The paint job was of course red fondant but then painted with an edible pearl dust to replicate the glitter paint job.
My favourite moment was when Owen spent Saturday morning breakfast in his chair watching dad put all the details on the cake. We put on Cars and Owen couldn't really get past the first scene, but he recognized McQueen and I'm thinking he must be under the impression that his dad invented Lightning McQueen.

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