Monday, May 23, 2011

a super 'blogger' type entry...

This long weekend was a mixed bag of unpredictable weather. Sunday was crazy - it started out sunny, then clouded over, dropped 20 degrees, then rained and then in the mid-afternoon we finished off the day hot and summery. When the weather is like this it's hard to decide how to dress your toddler, let alone yourself!
I intercepted this shirt from my sister Katie's bags of Goodwill clothes. With the sprinkling rain Owen got to wear out his shark rain boots as we ventured out for brunch downtown to Pan Cafe.

I avoid blogging about going out to eat, but we just love this place. It's a very baby friendly environment with baby change pad and loads of stimulating baby toys. And when dining here you couldn't possibly have any problems ordering from their organic and locally sourced menu.
Owen had a vegan carrot cake while Nuno and I enjoyed variations on eggs benedict & croque madame.
The end of the day found us outside playing in the backyard.
More about the long weekend soon...

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