Monday, October 31, 2011

what a hoot halloween owl costume

Does looking at kid's in Halloween costumes ever get old? Well, for some it does, but not for me. Especially when your kid loves wearing the costume you began planning a month before Halloween. 
The nice thing about planning and making your own costume is that your two year old learns about Halloween costumes and tells everyone what he is dressing up as. Owen also practiced a convincing 'hoot, hoot' over the last couple weeks. This costume was the brain-child of Parenting Magazine, but without templates and their ever-so-brief instructions, we ended up having to somehow 'make it work' without having any costume-making skills. 

This was constructed out of an old turtle neck of mine and a hacked up taupe men's shirt for the layered feathers. The wings are felt with the cuffs of the men's shirt reattached. The hood are the arms of my old turtle neck reconstructed. The eyes are layered white fur trim, copper scouring pads and buttons Nuno made at work. The beak a finger from a black dish glove. Most of the work on this costume was my wonderful and talented husband who can visualize anything and bring it to life.
This entire costume is no-sew and believe it or not, fabric glue held this all together for a Halloween Party with friends Sunday afternoon, 
a day at day care with a costume parade,
and the final trick-or-treat around the neighbourhood. 
He didn't poop (as in tire :) or chicken out to trick-or-treat at this creepy grim reaper's house. Yep, Owen loves Halloween just as much as his parents.

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alicia said...

SO cute! the striped socks and mini high tops kill me.