Friday, October 28, 2011

pumpkin-chocolate whoopie pies

I love when Owen's daycare announces they are holding fundraising bake sales. So many delicious desserts pop into my head, most of which contain nuts, so I have to immediately cancel out the majority of my favourites. But this month's issue of Everyday Food magazine featured a Pumpkin-Chocolate Whoopie Pie recipe. And how I love my pumpkin desserts paired with chocolate!
I've toiled for hours in the kitchen and lost sleep painstakingly baking away on weeknights before bake sales. Luckily, this is not one of those recipes. These whoopie pies were so easy and fun to make. The pumpkin cake is moist & fragrant and the chocolate filling is fudgy. And I know whoopie pies are super food trendy right now, but they are very sturdy making them perfect for bake sales! Most people enjoy them in sandwich form, but when no one is looking I like to eat mine the way I eat my Oreo's - by pulling them apart and licking off the filling. How do you eat your whoopie pies?

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alicia said...

i think i have to stop reading your blog. it's just too painful.

(send me a dozen...)