Tuesday, October 25, 2011

vegetable egg scramble with feta

The recently published November issue of Everyday Food magazine looks incredible! I find that there aren't always recipes that interest me in every issue, but that can not be said for this one in particular. There doesn't quite seem to be enough time for me to try the number of recipes I'm dying to experiment with. 
 This past Saturday morning I tried the Vegetable Egg Scramble with Feta from this issue.
I'm not big on omelets and wouldn't go out of my way to ever make one with bell peppers or tomatoes in my life again. But this recipe takes the idea of an omelet and amps it up to something so much more tasty (albeit not as pretty). I know people always try and hide veggies so kids will eat them, but in this the vegetables are so delicious you forget that you are eating something so healthy. This recipe calls for zucchini, tomato, red onion and baby spinach and if you cook them just right they are wonderful in this. We were afraid that eating huge hunks of red onion might be too overpowering, but they were so mild and sweet they were one of the tastiest elements of this dish. Each bite is different and interesting. Owen loved it but picked out the spinach. I have to agree with him on this. The spinach wilts and becomes tough. If we have this again I think I'll treat it more like a herb and chop it into small pieces.

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