Sunday, June 19, 2011

first birthday cake eye candy!

We've had two back to back weekends of first birthday parties. 
We were asked to make a cake for Owen's friend Alejandro's fire truck themed birthday party yesterday. 
My friend requested vanilla cake so I used this recipe. Since making sculpted cakes we've discovered that denser, pound cake-like cakes work best for sculpting and keeping the structural integrity of layered cakes.
4 stacked layers and six cakes went into the fire truck cake.
 Butter cream crumb coat.
Bright fire engine red fondant. Red dye looks great, but tastes like ass.

Again, everything was edible on the cake. All the details sculpted with gum paste and the lights were all gummies. The wheels were moulded chocolate with black fondant on top.
Nuno even worked in flashing red lights underneath two pieces of fruit leather to look like a siren. Worked like a charm!

The other amazing birthday party we attended was an outdoor picnic for our friends Karissa & Kevin's daughter Pepper. 
Here is the adorable cupcake spread all home baked by Karissa herself! The birthday party theme was strawberries so we were all treated to a side of vanilla ice cream with strawberry topping.
Along with the cupcake tower, Pepper had a gigantic pink cupcake all to herself.
These cupcakes were so light and delicious and the frosting was amazing! Owen loved his chocolate cupcake!!

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