Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcome to Canada!

So many people ask me about the appeal of shopping in the US. There are certain items I've grown accustom to bringing home with me from my shopping trips. But it looks like Canada is starting to catch up with the times.
I always have Bush's Baked Beans in our pantry and I used to buy them in the US, but last year my mom told me she found them in Canada. And I can confirm, Bush's are now sold at Walmart! 
The big shocker this week for me was opening my Sobey's flyer and finding Chex cereal is now available in Canada. I'm not sure how long it's been for sale here, but I'm super happy because Corn Chex is my fav. I also love it for Owen because it's just the right size for him and is low in salt & sugar. 

One thing that drives me crazy is how strict Ontario is with their alcohol distribution. Particularly with micro brews. I'm sorry, but Molson Canadian and Labatt Blue are absolutely disgusting! It's like Tim Horton's coffee, why are Canadian's so proud of these beverages? There are so many amazing microbrews we find while shopping in the states, it makes your head spin! Then you return to Canada and they have you believe Mill Street is the microbrew of choice. Ah well, in time, right?
Lastly, I'm sure everyone knows all about Target coming to Canada, I read in the paper last weekend that they've confirmed one of the first stores in Canada and the only one in Niagara will be at the Pen Centre. Ten million dollars will be going into the revamping of the Zellers into Target and renos are projected to be complete by Spring 2013. I rarely shop at the Pen, so this will be a great excuse to make it over there more frequently.

Wow, I can't believe managed to mention Walmart, Zellers and Baked Beans in one single entry. I'll be tagging this one as 'classy'.


alicia said...

i used to think that america was the land of plenty UNTIL i moved here. there are a minimum of two dozen things i used to get in canada that i can't here both in grocery and personal care. SO depressed.

you're so lucky to have access to both! :D

Erin said...

Oh yeah, I hear ya, the grass is greener on the other side. I like having a few novelty items to keep things exciting around here.
You know, you can always count on the US for coming up with a little something extra and over-the-top when it comes to food. Like that S'mores topping you blogged about. There are ENDLESS possiblities with that stuff!! I've gotta look out for that in WNY.