Friday, March 21, 2014

save with jamie - really tasty charred asian salad

OK, don't make this Really Tasty Charred Asian Salad indoors - ever. This dinner has quite the back story. In the afternoon I prepped all the veggies and dressing leaving the task of grilling on the cast iron grill pan for Nuno should he want to start dinner while I escaped for a pedicure. This time away from home was my longest stretch of separation from Clea since shes been born. Returning rejuvenated, I walked into an open home with the smoke alarm blasting. I won't get into all the details for the sake of my husband's pride but suffice to say he had his hands very full that evening. But with all the trouble this dinner caused it was damn delish.

We ate the wonderful variety of broccoli, carrots, butternut squash, scallions, mushrooms, savoy cabbage and tofu. Can you really imagine a more healthy dinner to be feeding your children? I love the flavour of charred veggies, especially the cabbage. The dressing works perfectly and it was so easy to eat. For me, I could eat something like this once a week, but I just don't know how well that would bode with the boys. Realistically, I can see us enjoying this again during the summer as an outdoor barbequed meal.

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