Wednesday, March 26, 2014

jamie's fifteen minute meals - chicken cacciatore

Chicken Cacciatore was always my absolute favourite as a kid. Oh, we were dining high style growing up when my mom made this for dinner. Then I learned to make it in college and it was nothing compared to mom's. How does Jamie's Chicken Cacciatore Spaghetti & Smoky Tomato Sauce compare to the one I grew up with as a child? Why, this meal is one of the best cacciatores I've ever tried. Real depth of flavour in minutes.

Again, I was really confused with the instruction on this one. I find this book requires a whole lot of intuitive cooking, so I hope anyone who tries these recipes is on their toes and ready to deflect possible disasters as they work. I know I don't mind a challenge in the kitchen, but I find myself really thrown off when a recipe like this indicates to add an ingredient not listed as part of the step-by-step process (this one asks for 'broth' which I still can't figure out where it comes from). Oh well, I made this not in the hurried fashion the recipe is instructed, but at my own pace and how I cook. I understand there is this 15 minute benchmark, and if you are holding yourself up to it I'm sure you'd find yourself fumbling and scrambling. Honestly, my head would be spinning if I put myself to the clock here. I do believe it is possible to make these in fifteen minutes if you've tried these recipes at least a couple times before, then it's plausable to nail the timing element. So here's hoping when I go back to work next year I'll have gained enough knowledge and experience to make these happen on a weeknight.

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