Tuesday, March 25, 2014

jamie's fifteen minute meals - goregous greek chicken

On Friday I decided to try Jamie's Gorgeous Greek Chicken, Herby Vegetable Couscous & Tzatziki. Chicken, couscous, peas and yogurt - this meal was chosen with Owen in mind. I had quite the trouble with Jamie's instruction on this meal. To begin, his ratio for couscous was WAY off. He has a two to one ratio (water to couscous) and it's a damp mess. I went back to my no-fail ratio of one to one and a quarter (couscous to water). Then Jamie indicates to add bell peppers, scallions and peas - raw to the dinner. I deferred and sauteed them to make them a little more tender, and it came out beautifully. With all the challenges this recipe I was relieved to even complete it that I forgot to top with feta.

Oh well, didn't matter because this dinner was friggin' awesome! I know some of these recipes might seem simple, or that you can imagine when beginning how it will taste, but I'm consistently surprised at how amped up the flavours are and truly enjoyable these dinners are.

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