Thursday, March 27, 2014

jamie's fifteen minute meals - glazed pork tenderloin with cajun-style pepper rice & bbq sauce

I'm not sure why I chose this recipe in particular because it didn't sound like anything I'm normally attracted to food-wise. I'm thinking it was the okra that initially turned me off making this, but then I considered, why not just omit it? So I added it to the meal plan and figured it was worth a go.

There is a great cooking technique with the pork tenderloin which cooks quickly and evenly when sliced open and butterflied. Once browned, it's broiled with a killer homemede BBQ sauce - nice and simple to prepare. Even though the pork is lean, you definitely get the taste of saucy ribs. The rice is delicous as well and I think I'll go back to this particular rice dish often as it's simple to prepare and could go well as a side to just about any meat. Another big winner on our hands.

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