Friday, March 28, 2014

jamie's fifteen minute meals - blackened chicken san fran quinoa salad

Last night I decided to try Jamie's Blackened Chicken San Fran Quinoa Salad. I was really looking forward to this dinner in particular because all the fresh ingredients are just the sort of foods that could brighten things for us on the last stretch of what feels like a never ending winter.

This dinner is one of the more quick to prepare meals from the book. I cooked the quinoa ahead of time, which made things even faster in the evening. The quinoa has a green dressing somewhere between a pesto and green goddess dressing. I found it had a little too much of a strong onion flavour, so down the road I'm thinking two scallions would do the job just fine. Then a layer of sauteed bell pepper, sliced blackened chicken breasts, mango, avocado, feta along with a final garnish of cilantro and sprouted cress. Owen picked out and ate most everything around the green quinoa. But Nuno and I were in suspended pleasure from beginning to end with this. It's all kinds of delicious that felt so good to eat. If you are looking for a pick-me-up, this meal is the ticket!

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