Wednesday, September 5, 2012

labour day weekend

We are getting so predictable with our vacations since Owen arrived. Especially when you keep a blog, it becomes a lot easier to track what you did and when you did it. This year we did a big repeat on 2011's labour day by heading to Sarnia for the weekend. I think one of the main differences is that last year was one of our final visits with my grandfather before he passed away. That's why going to Sarnia to visit family is important to me. We don't see them as much as I wish we could, but every single time we go we have a wonderful and fulfilling visit and this weekend was no exception.
Here's Owen and 'grandma' (his great grandma). He was a very good and sweet boy during our stay with her. He really did pour on the charm.
When planning our visit I asked my grandma how she was enjoying the beach. She told me she hasn't been in years! See, this was one of my most vivid memories of visiting her in the summer, our long and drawn out beach days. Hours past "too long in the sun" my grandma parked us in the sand for long beach days. What a surprise to hear she's not going anymore considering how much she loved it. I was determined she must go with us.
After an initial hesitation she made it out and even got a swim in. It was a great albeit much shorter day on the beach.
My Aunt & Uncle hosted amazing dinners twice during our stay. Owen just loved their trampoline especially when Nuno gave him big flips. He was super hammy at their house.
Speaking of ham, what trip to Sarnia is complete without a trip to the animal farm?
Strangely enough Owen wasn't really into the animals, he wanted to climb all over the benches and fences instead. Since we've been to the zoo 2 weekends in a row the novelty must have worn off.
While he was not looking at anything around him, he got the surprise of his life when he accidentally stepped on this snake. Owen's a kid who fears nothing, but he's been telling me that he's scared of snakes. However, he's never actually seen a real one! This was a pretty good introduction since he saw how harmless and small a snake can be.
Maybe we didn't have to go to the effort of the animal farm considering my grandmother lives next door to a young couple with a pet potbelly pig. This pig just about melted my heart, he was seriously the most adorable pet you could imagine. He was super affectionate and even wagged his tail.
This smarmy smile (Humpty Dumpty - not me) can mean only one thing... the rest of this entry is devoted to photos of one of our favourite places to take Owen, Storybook Gardens in London.
"London Ontario Bridge"
Owen's turn for a smarmy smile.
Owen put his mouth around the tip of the teapot's spout just to see how his dad would react. Yep, it wasn't pretty.
Owen recently learn to pee standing up. Oh, and this picture is of the splash pad.
Short of climbing mountains, no one can say this kid didn't have an eventful summer. This was probably one of the busiest and most enjoyable summers I've ever had!

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