Friday, August 31, 2012

no bake summer lasagna

Last night we tried Everyday Food Light's No Bake Summer Lasagna. I know my initial impression was that this was far too light to be enjoyable. But I stand corrected.
It was very much a free-form pasta that didn't really even taste very much like the lasagna we're used to eating. This recipe is assembled by layering sauteed grape tomatoes, zucchi and a ricotta mixture between lasagna noodles. Layering like the above photo made it very difficult to eat because, as you can imagine, the process of baking a lasagna helps glue the layers so they slice easily. With this dinner, tomatoes and noodles were sliding everywhere! You can only imagine how a 2 year old would tackle a dinner like this - with hands! And I have to admit, I opted to snack on my own self-made pasta tacos by folding the toppings between the noodles and eating it with my hands. It was really super tasty that way and was almost like eating an appetizer. But this meal is so summery and fresh - just perfect for these last few hot days of summer.

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