Thursday, August 16, 2012

stuffed poblanos

There are some recipes from Everyday Food that become staples and go-to's. It might seem like we are always trying new recipes, and we are, but on the off days (usually weekends - because I can’t stand dinner fails on weekends) we stick to what we love. To qualify as a make-again the dinner must meet a unanimous approval from both Nuno and I. Recently I've decided that if we love it, I'll do it justice and mention it again. 
One such recipe that we've made it at least 4 times since is Everyday Food Fresh Flavor Fast’s Stuffed Poblanos. I think we enjoy this because I could take a pass on stuffed bell peppers in general, but the little bit of heat you get from a poblano or anaheim chile is just perfect. I’m so pleased these types of peppers are now easy to find in Canada because I had to travel to WNY to buy them the first time I made it 2 years ago.
This recipe was originally inspired by the Mexican favourite, Chili Renellos, which are stuffed poblanos coated and deep fried, then baked in sauce. This recipe is a lot less effort, lighter and the results are always fantastic. The other big reason thisrecipe works for us is because the majority of the ingredients we keep on-handin our pantry. If we want to make it we just end up buying our poblanos and a jalapeno pepper in the supermarket and then do a pantry raid on the rest. This dinner is great in the fall and winter as a warm-up, but we had it on Tuesday's rainy August day and it was wonderful.

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