Wednesday, August 29, 2012

grilled new england seafood 'bake'

I can remember when I first flipped through Everyday Food Light in January I saw this recipe and wished it was summer so I could make it right away. To me it seemed like one of the most interesting recipes in the book. Last night we decided to give this Grilled New England Seafood 'Bake' a whirl, and unlike many of the recipes in this book, we were pleasantly surprised!
A combination of potatoes, fish, shrimp, corn, herbed butter and lemon goes into a tin-foil packet and is grilled on the BBQ. This was quick prep and really fun to prepare. 
We used fresh sole fillets as our choice of fish and jumbo prawns along with farmstand corn. 
Wow, what a flavour combination! This was the most flavourful and easy to eat recipes we've made in ages. Along with a side of fresh baked dinner rolls, this meal was one of the best of the summer. You really get that fragrant seafood flavour (especially in the rendered liquid, which we dipped our rolls in). The only critique I have of this dinner is lack of control you have over how well done each of the ingredients are. I like my shrimp just a little bit more underdone than how they came out. But despite that it really was still incredible.

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