Tuesday, August 7, 2012

back up to the cottage

Last week we went back up north. This time our cottaging was with my parents, sister and her boyfriend, Mouth. For me, this trip was a real vacation. Obviously from work, but also a break from cooking. My parents treated us to dinner the entire week with the exception of my sister making a delicious bbq'd honey cumin chicken. The one little indulgence I took up with my free time was actually making use of Instagram. After a couple days I was a little concerned I might be mistaken for one of those obnoxious parents who sit at parks and bury themselves in their gadgets while their children play unattended. Apps are quite addictive so I definitely see the attraction, but decided to try and limit it to a before bed indulgence (along with blasting JAMC on my headphones). So here is a collection of photos, most taken with a digital camera but others through my new toy - Instagram (add me @ feelscript)!!
On the beach playing.
It might as well have been Christmas when Aunt Katie and Mouth arrived stacked full of gifts for Owen. Here he is enjoying his monster pop - a cute popsicle molds we filled with juice.
Colouring on the rainy day. You know, it happens - even on vacations.
Pontoon bikes known as hydrobikes provided hours of enjoyment. Man, can you book in and around the bays with these!
Feeding the ducks.
And then there were the frogs...
Aunt Katie rocked the frog catching and helped teach Owen how to hold them on his own (even though he had a few Lenny moments).
Don't worry, no frogs were harmed in his man-handling.
Owen surfs.
We were really roughing it up here - that's a view from the hot tub and my mom, sister and I enjoyed a glass (of two) of wine while watching the sunset - which usually happened around 9:30 pm. 
But the sunset was gorgeous on the deck as well.
I was nervous the fire-ban would restrict all campfires, but we lucked out and there was one almost every night which even included roasting s'mores. So, so tasty!
 And finally, the boat...
For me, there is no better feeling that speeding fast in an open boat on the water and Lake Nipissing is so large it's great to do just that. 
Owen seems to be a little carbon-copy of me when it comes to the exhilaration of speed. Unlike his sea-sick dad, Owen loves crankin' it out on the open water.
It's also nice to go for a sunset ride and admire all the islands with million dollar cottages people summer on. 
It's great to get the family and spend a good chunk of time together. Especially since Katie's moved to Toronto, time like this is precious and valuable. As kids, we used to cottage every summer with my cousins and we have so many great memories vacationing together. My sister and I loved it so much we are hoping to make this a yearly event and are hoping to round up even more of the family next year.


Anonymous said...

Great one Erin! You know I think it's the parents who worry about the rainy days - some of my fondest childhood memories of the cottage are from rainy days - colouring books, building bridges, endless games of monopoly or parchesi, playing in the tent ...
So nice that Owen is developing his own summer memories.

Erin said...

You're right Aunt Maryanne. If I was to ever enjoy rain and a lightning storm it would be up north. I remember grandma showing us how the rain comes in from the horizon off the lake, it's really neat to watch.

katie a go go said...

Sooo much fun!!! I'm already looking forward to next year.