Friday, August 3, 2012

the jesus and mary chain at buffalo place rocks the harbor

I'm back after a relaxing week away at the cottage (more on that to come soon), but first I've got to blog about the most amazing rock show I attended last night with Nuno. Owen stayed behind with Nana and Papa but I left early from the cottage to attend the Jesus and Mary Chain show at the Erie canal harbor as part of our fifth wedding anniversary night out.
The JAMC's final album Stoned and Dethroned was one of the first indie rock tapes I'd ever purchased at the age of sixteen. I managed to completely wear it right out and from there my sister and I became huge JAMC fans. I can even remember us watching the "Reverence" music video when my mom came walking in the the room completely shocked with what we were listening to. Sorry mom, catholic school couldn't save us from rock n' roll.
The band split before I was ever old enough to make it out to one of their shows, so I never got to see them live. However their reunion tour is finding them performing what I consider to be a collection of their best of.
OK, so I went out of my mind at this show but I was not alone. The crowd went nuts when Far Gone and Out, Reverence and by the final song of Never Understand I was in the middle of a crazy sweaty pit of madness. I LOVED IT! My gosh, what a trip to see this music loud and performed right in person. 
As I mentioned, we were celebrating our anniversary and I'm so appreciative of Nuno for not being embarrassed of my rock out. Nothing speaks love more than joining your wife relive the old glory days in a sweaty mosh pit. No seriously, it really should go without saying, but Nuno is the best husband and father I could ever wish for. I love you sweetie. 

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