Tuesday, August 14, 2012

grand bend weekend

I promise, my last cottaging post for the summer here... This past weekend we were in Grand Bend for a 19 person cottaging extravaganza. For this experience we were able to get the whole family together under one roof for 2 days. Owen's so lucky to be able to grow up with an ever-growing group of first cousins. Between Nuno's 3 siblings we are now at a count of 6 kids and one on the way, all 5 and under. The little munchkins were an absolute riot together, so I'll share what I can of our good times. 
We enjoyed the beach on what was projected to be a wash-out of a weekend. Owen and I just loved jumping into the white caps of the large waves crashing onto the shore.
Lots of backyard play.
Star War's light sabres provided hours of duels.
Portugal meets Vietnam, my brother-in-law's cod-fish croquette banh mi.
And celebrated my niece Paige's 3rd birthday.
In the annual tradition, we arrived with a sweet treat choosing Everyday Food 2009 issue's S'mores Cookies! Some people like their s'mores really toasty so about half had that nice char on top. This was a cookie I didn't have to buy anything for as everything was right at hand in the pantry. This is a wonderful cookie which is second best to the real thing. Come to think of it, I enjoy these even more than the real thing since you don't risk burning your mouth (I can never wait for my S'mores to cool).

Every year, we have awesome food, amazing times and the best company. It was a wonderful weekend that I'm thoroughly exhausted from. Luckily my day job finds me at a desk, so I'll be able to have the time to recoup from all the running around.

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