Wednesday, September 12, 2012

summer peach cobbler

This summer I've found myself scaling back on baking and making desserts. But with the rain and cooler temps this past weekend I was interested in baking for the first time in months. At the very end of the peach season, we had some peaches that were slightly firm and not as juicy as I like. This meant that they were probably best used for baking, so I made Anna Olson's Summer Peach Cobbler.
I'm all about quick, fuss-free, home-style baking and this recipe really suits the bill. It was so much fun to bake! Anna has a clever trick for cutting in butter. Grating your cold butter against a box grater! Worked like a charm. I formed my topping into biscuits, which I'm not sure if that was how it was supposed to finish. Anna's recipes online don't include finished photos and this one didn't include much of a description other than to 'spoon the dough'. After baking this I now see that you really could just drop tablespoons down and it would work out great. But I'm pleased with how our version turned out.
The biscuits were fragrant with vanilla and the addition of oats created a very nice texture. They were firm and crispy on top and moist inside. The peaches were covered in a caramel syrup which all rendered into a delicious sauce which was delicious with vanilla ice cream. Together with my parents, our family had it as part of our Sunday night dinner and it went over really well.

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