Tuesday, September 11, 2012

cappuccino parfaits

We had a tub of light ricotta hanging around and I was racking my brain to find a of a way to use it. Most of the time I’d associate ricotta with savory cooking, but while flipping through Great Food Fast I stumbled upon Cappuccino Parfaits. I did a quick read-through and realized we had everything in the house to jump right into these. The blender was fired up after making one of Owen's breakfast smoothies so I used it for this recipe instead of the food processor as the recipe suggests. These came together in just 2 minutes start to finish and the results were nothing short of fantastic!
The recipe is simply light ricotta, sugar and instant espresso powder blitzed until smooth. Crushed amaretti cookies provided a really nice contrast between crunchy and smooth. Although it might initially seem like pudding type of dessert, I'd compare the tangy and rich flavour similar to a cheesecake. I'd definitely make these again and will keep this idea around for a dessert option when impromptu dinner guests come over.

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