Sunday, September 23, 2012

square bake-athon

We were looking forward to a family reunion picnic today with my husband's side of the family. In potluck style everyone chose their contribution and I penciled us in for desserts. After changing my mind even up to the day before, I settled on a couple of my grandma's best desserts - brownies and pumpkin pie bars. But once I got baking I threw in a couple Anna Olson favourites including date squares and s'mores bars.
That's a whole lot of sweetness there. Baked with love, I was really pleased with how they all came out. Then last night we get the text that the picnic is cancelled. Eek!
If you're close and want a take-away box, come over and we'll load you right up. Otherwise it looks like our offices are in for a sweet surprise tomorrow morning.

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