Thursday, September 6, 2012

crustless vegetable & ham quiche

There is probably only a handful of foods I'll take a pass on and pastry crust is one of them. I don't bake or eat fruit or meat pies but I love quiche. I'll eat the filling of a quiche and leave the crust. So to me this recipe for Crustless Vegetable & Ham Quiche featured in the current fall issue of What's Cooking is a huge epiphany.
Everything about this recipe is wonderful. The majority of the filling is grated vegetables, so anyone with an aversion to vegetables might not detected them. We opted for sharp white cheddar cheese, used only half of the olive oil suggested and left out the asparagus (only b/c we couldn't find it in store). I'd probably stick to all of these substitutions when making it again (which we certainly will). We had this with a side of my cousin's tomato and blue cheese soup and it was a real match. The other great thing about this quiche is that it is fantastic the next day cold for breakfast!

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