Friday, September 28, 2012

spiced tomato soup

A month ago I purchased a 25lb box of roma tomatoes. This was a pretty big commitment because I decided they'd be best used for oven roasted tomatoes. I spent a Saturday roasting the tomatoes, 2 trays at a time for a grand total of 10 batches! What we ended up with was a whole load of oven roasted tomatoes we froze to use all winter.
Since the tomato blitz we've had our tomatoes in several different ways, but probably my favourite is this Spiced Tomato Soup from Everyday Food Light. It's dead simple and definitely one of the best tomato soups I've ever tasted.
What I loved most about it was the seasoning, it's so spot-on. Just the right amount of spice to warm you but mellow enough that the tomato flavour stands out. The recipe indicates to strain after pureeing, but I just removed the skins and ate it without the straining step. Oh, and I didn't mention that not only is this healthy, it's super light at 162 calories per serving!?! So in just about every way, you've gotta love this soup.

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