Monday, September 17, 2012

buffalo brew bash 2012

Oh yeah, Octoberfest is in the air! Nuno was itching to get over to Buffalo for the Brew Bash at Coca Cola Field (Buffalo Bison's stadium). This event was held by Consumers Beverage this past Saturday. $25 bucks got us in with a 3 oz tasting glass along with 20 tickets. There were over 50 breweries represented and it was an all-out beer lovin' party.
We started out with the plan to hit up particular breweries and matched samples to our general tastes. I like super light and fruity and Nuno likes strong IPA's. My personal winner was Community Beer Work's "Frank" which was very fragrant and unlike any beer I've tasted before.
As the event wore on I think I stopped writing sampling notes and just enjoyed the setting and people.
Here I am enjoying a beer sample in the dugout. 

I'm still trying to figure out how much beer I drank because I came out with 2 rows of unused tickets still in hand. However, some unscrupulous vendors didn't take tickets, or maybe I was a little too tipsy to drop them off. But whatever the case, by the 8pm closing I was definitely feeling it, so it looked like it was going to be a long night for us.

We took the NFTA (B-lo's rail) to Allentown for part of the evening enjoying many places including Allen Street Hardware, Founding Fathers, The Pan American inside the Hotel Lafayette and finishing our night at an old haunt for us, Mohawk Place for Transmission Dance Night (which brought back floods of Red Square memories).
Of all the places we enjoyed in Buffalo, Nuno and I just can't stop reminiscing about Founding Fathers Pub. This place is a little slice of American History in a tiny little charming and unassuming location.
It's like stepping back in time and into some place really special as you stride over the horseshoe entry. When we arrived we walked in amongst a group of uniformed Navy sailors stopping in for a drink.
This pub is decorated in a charming century old style. Lots of flags, framed portraits of past presidents and wood detail. Founding Fathers even offers complimentary nachos with con queso cheese and chili. Yep, we love this place. The people of Buffalo are the greatest group of party people you could ever want to be around. Everywhere we go and every time we hang out in WNY we have the most amazing nights out.

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