Friday, February 28, 2014

save with jamie - singapore noodles

I was aiming to use up the last of a head of green cabbage leftover from the lazy cabbage rolls and chicken from the previous night's oven fried chicken when I found the perfect recipe, Jamie Oliver's Singapore Noodles. This meal includes many ingredients, most of which you may already have on hand. We switched things up a little compared to the original recipe using twice the amount of pork (full pound) and omitting the shrimp. Other than that everything else was prepared as written.

The flavours in this meal are pretty spectacular. The Chinese 5 spice and curry cook with the ground pork which imparts so much flavour into the entire dinner. Because of the long list of ingredients, no two bites are the same. I really regret not including shrimp (we didn't have any in the freezer). If we try this again I'll be sure to include shrimp because I really did miss it.
It's vibrant, exotic, healthy and tasty - we all really loved this one. The other great thing about this dinner is that it's even better the next day, awesome lunch!

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