Saturday, February 22, 2014

food & drink magazine - chow mein hong kong style

For stir-friday we decided to try Food & Drink's Chow Mein Hong Kong Style. I love that this recipe includes so many different vegetables. Owen is so big on broccoli I couldn't let this one pass us by. Most of the effort is in prepping the vegetables. Like any stir fry you'll find cleaning, trimming and slicing veggies is time consuming. When tackling a dinner like this I'll usually get everything set up before turning on the stove because once you begin there never seems to be a good time to pause a cooking stir fry. 
One element of this dinner that sets it apart from all other Asian-style noodle dishes we've tried before is frying the noodles till crispy. I've only ever tasted this before in restaurants and I felt pretty accomplished nailing it at home. Unlike several other recipes from the magazine, this one has successful instruction.
I feel like a bit of a broken record here, but this dinner was awesome! So nutritious and fresh considering we're in the dead of winter. We all loved it so much I know of all the recipes we tried from this issue of Food & Drink, this will be the one I'll add to my repertoire. 

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