Saturday, February 15, 2014

save with jamie - lamb pastilla

Our final go at the lamb recipes from Save With Jamie was his recipe for Lamb Pastilla. I never really knew what a pastilla was before this and I guess the best way to describe one is a meat pie using phyllo in place of pastry crust. The inside of this pastilla includes a spiced couscous along with shredded lamb. From there the filling is bundled in a couple sheets of phyllo and from there, things get a little odd... The rolls are sprinkled with slivered almonds, cinnamon and icing sugar.

I can't quite figure out how anyone came up the pastilla. I picture someone making a meat pie and then a completely different person coming along and finishing it as a dessert. But however the real story goes (probably the Moroccans natural inclination for combining cinnamon in meat and savory dishes), this dinner really works!

It's surprising and unexpected just how delicious this is. I found myself getting super addicted and going back for seconds and thirds. Hey, phyllo is light, right? Nevermind the layer of oil between every sheet. Just another outstanding and pallate expanding dinner courtesy of Jamie Oliver.

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