Friday, February 21, 2014

food & drink magazine - western omelette sandwich with root vegetable home fries

I'm surprised I never blogged about my pregnancy cravings after finding myself uncontrollably devouring eggs. At one point, four months along, I was eating five per day! The good news is that I'm now averaging one a day. But as much as I adore eggs Owen is on the exact opposite end of the spectrum being completely unappetized by them. The smell of an egg cooking sickens him and when I eat my daily egg sandwich I resort to eating in another room. When it comes to meal planning I normally overlook recipes with eggs as a main, but I couldn't resist trying the recipe for Western Omelette Sandwich with Root Vegetable Home Fries from the Food & Drink Winter 2014 issue. It was easily convertible as an option for Owen but still keeping within my rule of not making separate dinners for picky tots. Owen had his croissant with ham and cheese along with the sides.
Now, onto the recipe at hand, the Root Vegetable Home Fries were fairly straight forward using sweet potatoes, russet potatoes & parsnips in a half inch dice. A quick trick in the instruction is to microwave the vegetables to speed up the cooking process and from there they are sauteed till golden. The cook times on this recipe were a little off as it took nearly 4 times longer then indicated to brown. In my mind it makes a lot more sense to roast them on a tray in the oven.
The instructions on the Western Omelette Sandwich were also a little off, so I just winged this one as well. I didn't end up with an omelette but more of a scramble, but the taste was the same so no loss there.

What was most important about these recipes is how delicious and well seasoned they are. Nuno loved them and I would definitely make this entire recipe again. There were quite a lot of home fries left over along with ham so I was thrilled to enjoy a frittata the next day for lunch.
Sooooo great!

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