Friday, February 14, 2014

save with jamie - incredible lamb biryani

I think we might have found our first lackluster recipe from Save With Jamie. It feels a little strange to use the full recipe title for this dinner as incredible it was not. This lamb biryani required gravy from a roasted leg of lamb, which we didn't have as we slow cooked a boneless leg. So therein lies the main issue with this dinner. The gravy element I imagine keeps the dinner moist and without it we found it a little dry. We ate it with yogurt on the side to help keep it moist. The flavour wasn't too bad with the mango chutney saving the day big time here. Overall, it needed lots of extra salt and I disliked the spinach. Surprisingly, Owen seemed to enjoy it and overall, it's quite healthy (esp. without gravy), but we won't be making this one again.

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