Wednesday, February 5, 2014

at home chipotle burrito bowl

Back when the Canadian dollar was at par in the USA we made frequent trips over for dinner and to do a little shopping for fun. Unfortunately, the Canadian dollar seems to be weakening compared to the American dissuading us from visiting. Let's face it, Target is now in Canada, so is there much of a reason to visit these days anyways? Well, maybe there are... but I'm trying my best not to focus on them. Oh, what the heck? One of our favourite shopping locations includes Trader Joe's and Chipotle on the same block. The other day I had a HUGE craving for Chipotle, but the idea of crossing the border and imaging where we might be able to find a decent place to breastfeed quickly changed my mind. I then decided, "Why not just make Chipotle at home?" Last I visited I tried their Burrito Bowls and thought they were pretty tasty. I Google image searched one and then put together these bowls for dinner last night.

First Layer: Cilantro Lime Rice - recipe from Martha Stewart
Second Layer: Corn Salsa - corn, red onion, dried coriander, dried & fresh cilantro, lime, salt & pepper
Third Layer: 
Beans - we used Trader Joe's Cuban Black Beans, next time we might try it with pinto beans cooked with bacon
Fourth Layer: Tomato Salsa - we used my grandma's homemade and a mild jarred one for Owen
Fifth Layer: Romaine Lettuce
Sixth Layer: Diced Avocados - I was a bit too lazy to bother making guacamole
Seventh Layer: Shredded Monterey jack cheese
Garnish with cilantro leaves and voila!

Once assembled we mixed them up into one big mess and ate them. They went over so well Owen ate two helpings. We didn't miss the meat in this dinner, but I'm curious to try making a copy cat of their carnitas. Most of the ingredients were what was hanging around the fridge in need of being used up, but really these bowls can be whatever you like. I'm pretty sure we'll continue to make these especially when we have cilantro, limes, romaine and cheese in the house (the rest of the ingredients are pantry staples).

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