Wednesday, May 30, 2012

salmon with spicy cucumber-pineapple salsa

Can you believe this weather? It was incredibly hot and humid here on Monday. I know it's still only May, but we're in full-swing with the flavours of summer. The oven is on hiatus, stove-top cooking is at a minimum and our Weber grill is fired up!
This past weekend we took our first trip of the season to the farm stand and came home with 6 mini cucumbers specifically for this dinner of Salmon with Spicy Cucumber-Pineapple Salsa from Everyday Food Light. And, wow! This is a must-try recipe and a real keeper for the upcoming months. The reason we enjoyed this so much is because it includes some of our current favourite flavours of lime and fresh coriander. Paired with fresh fruit, this really was an incredibly fresh summer-y dinner. It's great how the texture of the cucumber is so similar to the pineapple. The cucumber basically served to fill out the salsa without making it too over-the-top sweet. My goodness, there is something about salmon the the grill - there really isn't anything like it. Melt-in-your- mouth and smoky. We had white basmati rice on the side with the leftover salsa and rice it made for a refreshing cold salad.

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