Friday, May 25, 2012

chili-spiced steak with grilled onion tacos

We are all about picnicking these days. We packed up the mini bbq and headed out to Happy Rolph's Animal Farm the other night. Not only is there a farm - there is also a bird sanctuary, waterfront trail (of Lake Ontario), playground and picnic facility all just minutes from our home. It's been completely redone this year and their grand reopening this past Victoria Day long weekend.  
Owen loved meeting all the animals. And I really like that they are no longer within reach of the public.
Our picnic dinner included Chile-Spiced Steak with Grilled Onion Tacos from the Everyday Food June 2011 issue. Not following the recipe exactly, I made a topping of sautéed poblano peppers and sliced red onions seasoned with some flank steak marinade. We then added aged white cheddar and green salsa. 
Owen’s telling us these days that he’s not into meat. I’m planning on sneaking it in where I can but for this dinner we let him go vegetarian with a pinto & refried bean cheese quesadilla with a side of avocados. Avocados never loose their novelty with Owen.
After just 2 picnics, Owen’s now asking to go on more!
I love the idea! So I’m almost wondering if we should implement a once a week picnic day throughout the coming summer months. It might be a neat meal time challenge, so stay tuned.

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alicia said...

you guys really know how to picnic! it never even occured to me that you could have tacos and burgers!!!