Wednesday, May 23, 2012

apple butter cinnamon raisin loaf

With my new Kitchenaid, I thought it would be appropriate to christen the appliance with an Anna Olson recipe so I choose to try her Apple Butter Cinnamon Raisin Loaf. First I went to Bulk Barn and found they sell apple butter at the most competitive price (what was I thinking buying PC black label variety before?!). Once I had all my ingredients I got baking to only realize this recipe didn't require the stand mixer at all. That's not the only thing it didn't require. This recipe does not contain any sugar (white refined or brown). All the natural sweetness comes from the apples. It also doesn't require any refined white flour - just whole wheat. And finally, when you didn't think it could get any healthier, this recipe doesn't include any oil or butter. I guess the only fat would be from the two egg yolks. Man, I was starting to think this was a recipe my mother-in-law concocted because she's notoriously making sugar and flour substitutions in her baking. 
But with all that's missing from this loaf, it's not short on flavour. It's actually sort of miraculous how delicious it is. First off, it's a super moist cake that doesn't taste too healthy either. All three of us loved it and I plan on making it again to share because of how excited I am about this recipe in particular.

So I wanted to pass along the recipe for this. Anna Olson's website includes many recipes for .pdf download so please stop around for some inspiration.

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