Monday, May 14, 2012

handmade mothers day

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day yesterday.
We always brunch at Legends on the Niagara Golf Course for Mother’s Day with my parents and my sister made it out to join us as well. The food was outstanding! Owen loved the chocolate dipped strawberries and I swear the kid was on a sugar high because he had a lot of difficulty sitting through the second half of our brunch.
I received a couple of the most thoughtful gifts yesterday. Owen's really blew me away, he gave me two necklaces! One he made at child care and it’s a shrinky dink in the shape of a butterfly he coloured with a written massage on the back side. It’s attached to the chain with a cute ‘made with love’ charm. I combined it with the other necklace Owen gave me which included charms and swarovski crystals. He also made a hand print flower card with an adorable sentiment printed inside.
Lucky, lucky mom I am!
The other tradition from last year was going to the HandMade Market Spring craft show. Katie came along this time and Iwas thrilled for her to experience this show. It’s smaller than most of the shows in Toronto, but the caliber of crafts is equal. Katie’s an amazing knitter and some of our gifts to her on her past birthday were knitting and crocheting books.
We both found items at the same vendor’s table. This headband Katie purchased was made from the fabric of a retro bed sheet our parents had when we were small. Very nostalgic and looks amazing on Katie since she’s always rocked the hairband look so well.
I found this adorable crayon wrap. Where was this during our brunch earlier in the day?! I love the fabric motif of castles since Owen always talking about castles and princesses who live inside.
I’m keeping this in my purse for those unexpected times you must keep a busy toddler entertained while waiting (like, for example, a half an hour wait for a haircut this past Saturday morning).

Just reflecting on Mother's Day I feel extremely blessed to have our parents help us the way they do. Owen loves his grandparents and for the past few weekends since Vegas, he's been spending some of the weekend nights over with them so Nuno and I can get out and enjoy time together going to parties with/for friends and family, going out to the movies, dinner, a show at the Casino, a pint at our old stomping grounds The Merchant Ale House... If I don’t state it enough, we really are lucky to have the families we have. 

But having said that, our time with Owen is so precious. When he’s not around I’m thinking of him and I somehow always manage to bring him up in my conversations with Nuno while we are out. He’s a real hoot these days since he’s getting so great at speaking we’re now opened up to the world of his imagination, and it’s a lot of fun. He loves to read his nursery rhyme book from cover to cover (and when I say 'read', I’m using the term loosely, he’s basically resighting them, which is a talent in his own right). He’s also taken to helping around the house. He helps me take care of his laundry by putting his clothes away and he’s now feeding our dog Hot Tot. The other day Nuno caught Owen snuggling Hot Tot and singing a made-up tune “Wonderful, wonderful”. These moments go by in a flash, by the time he cued up the iPod he caught the tail end of the love-fest, but it’s cute none-the-less.

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