Tuesday, January 22, 2013

soy-ginger chicken

Sunday we decided to give a slow cooking dinner a try. Soy-Ginger Chicken is from Everyday Food Light and it wasn't immediately one of the recipes I was dying to try. I'm not a big chicken leg fan, but there is something about the cold winter months that a dinner like this can be a real comfort. 
 photo GingerSoyChicken_zps4ce5249e.jpg

Now, if you follow the link, you'll notice the cooking time is way off. It was initially to be a slow cooker recipe, but the recipe published in the book was altered for a dutch oven cooking method. This suits me way better because it only takes an hour an a half to cook compared to the 3 hour slow cooker method.
This was very simple to prepare, you didn't even need to bother browning the meat first, just add everything in the pot and into the oven it goes. I had my hesitation about this dinner but the moment it came out of the oven I couldn't believe the final result. Perfectly cooked chicken with a sweet and fragrant glaze that tasted on par with Chinese take-out. I'd actually be thrilled if I ordered this on take-out, so naturally I was really happy with this recipe.
There is something really nice about the final garnish of fresh cilantro that makes this dinner go from good to great. I kept adding more because I wanted this herb with every bite. The other detail about this dinner which was so fantastic was how across the board we all loved it. Owen ate 3 chicken legs to himself. So needless to say we have a major winner on our hands with this dinner. 

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