Tuesday, December 4, 2012

cuban black bean stew with yellow rice

One meal Owen can't seem to resist is Cuban Black Beans and Rice. In Florida, while I was enjoying my multiple cuban sandwiches from the Floridian, Owen was only too happy to eat their Cuban rice and beans. I did my best to observe that dish in particular so I could make something similar once home since it's such a hit with the guy. I decided to try Cuban Black Bean Stew with Yellow Rice from Everyday Food Light.


I'm not totally sure this is anything like what we had in Florida, but it's a success none the less. The best I could do to figure out the yellow rice was to add a chicken bouillon cube in with the steaming rice. The other flavour that sets the Cuban beans apart is the diced red bell pepper. The pepper I used was huge it was pretty overwhelming in the dinner, but totally delicious despite. There is something really simple but totally wonderful about a meal like this, even without any green or meat, it is still very satisfying.

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